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mysql update for food


SELECT good_id, delivery_fee, province, emotionalKeywords, shopId, longitude, registration_institution, goodRatePercentage, shopSellCount, min_delivery_price, phone, district, opening_hours, sellCount, goodDescription, delivery_mode, city, latitude, praiseNum, shopName, city_grade, title, categoryName, shopCommentCount, salesAmount, street, administrative_region, platformName, priceText, licencePics, address, shopImages, platformId, rootCategoryId, timeStamp, original_cost, shopDescription, rootCategoryName, categoryId from mt limit 1000

UPDATE elm set registration_institution=-1 where registration_institution is NULL

UPDATE mt set registration_institution=IFNULL(null,-1);
UPDATE mt set delivery_fee=IFNULL(null,-1);
UPDATE mt set province=IFNULL(null,-1);
UPDATE mt set emotionalKeywords=IFNULL(null,-1);
UPDATE mt set longitude=IFNULL(null,-1);
UPDATE mt set registration_institution=IFNULL(null,-1);
UPDATE mt set goodRatePercentage=IFNULL(null,-1);
UPDATE mt set min_delivery_price=IFNULL(null,-1);
UPDATE mt set phone=IFNULL(null,-1);
UPDATE mt set opening_hours=IFNULL(null,-1);
UPDATE mt set shopDescription=IFNULL(null,-1);

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